WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional - WPBE – WordPress plugin for managing and bulk edit WordPress posts, pages and custom post types data in robust and flexible way! Be professionals with managing data of your site! This plugin helps with managing real estate catalogs, cars and all another WordPress custom post types!
ATTENTION! For WooCommerce products use WOOBE - WooCommerce Bulk Editor Professional

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The plugin can give you the next features:


  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Content
  • Excerpt
  • Slug
  • Status
  • Comment status
  • Ping status
  • Post password
  • Post type
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Menu order
  • Author
  • Date Published
  • Date Modified
  • Post Parent
  • Sticky

WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional - Must have plugin for wordpress site!

The plugin features

  1. Install and use. All in one.. The plugin is extendable by good ideas as have flexible architecture based on extensions!
  2. Advanced editor of the posts with rich HTML elements
  3. Create new posts and duplicate existing ones
  4. Manage all posts types of the site
  5. History about data changes - after data editing always is possible to roll-back to the previous data
  6. Flexible filter for posts which allows to decide which posts should be edited using bulk-editing
  7. Bulk editing of all posts fields: categories, tags, meta fields and custom taxonomies
  8. Bulk Delete with possibility of preliminary filtering all products by fields: categories, tags, meta fields and custom taxonomies
  9. Special variables like {ID} or {TITLE} for flexible posts bulk editing
  10. Special variables like {ID} or {TITLE} for flexible posts bulk editing
  11. Specify rounding precision when changing numeral meta data
  12. Posts binded editing - select some posts, activate bind editing and set any value to any one selected post - all selected posts will got the same value
  13. Working with Meta Fields - attach text or decimal meta-fields and edit them in bulk!
  14. Automatic attach of any custom taxonomies related to the selected post type for further editing - install it and use it, do not think about compatibility connections, let system think about it.
  15. Advanced settings, where it is possible to activate columns which are necessary on the current moment
  16. Profile system for the sets of columns - select necessary columns and set their order then save settings, save it as profile to load next time for 2 clicks
  17. Profile system for filter sets - make filtering and create profile for it for the further instant loading in the future
  18. Set columns order you need, filter posts as you need and Export exact data structure you need
  19. Different users can work on the same time using Posts Editor not interfering with each other as each user has its own options in the plugin system
  20. Custom coloring of data columns text and its background
  21. Heap of recipes about how to manage posts data

FREE version of the plugin
Free version will help you to familiarize with the plugin!

Must have plugin for wordpress powered site!

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Architecture based on extensions!

The plugin has in-built API which allows wide its functionality by internal extensions.

Such possibility will be interesting for PHP developers, who wants to implement their own idea and use it or/and distribute it.

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